Providing Quality Lead Craftsmanship

Mike White Ltd is a member of the Lead Contractors Association (LCA), a body of over 100 specialists committed to providing quality lead craftsmanship.

The Lead Contractors Association was formed in 1984 to prioritise quality standards in leadwork, and all members are required to work to the current Code of Practice (BS6915) and the recommendations of the Lead Sheet Association.

Lead Contractors Association CertificationAnnual vetting provides rigorous quality control of members’ standards, through compulsory on-site inspection of workmanship and design.

Every LCA member is graded according to the quality and complexity of work inspected, and anyone failing to meet the standards set is required to withdarw from membership.

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25 Year Guarantee

In 1999, LCA members made a public commitment to quality with the launch of their Guarantee Scheme, under which an LCA member is required to offer a 25 year guarantee of workmanship and material for leadwork projects over £2,500.

An LCA member’s guarantee is endorsed by their Association and provided for through an independent, insurance-backed Trust Fund.

It doesn’t matter therefore, what happens to the contractor after the project has been registered and completed, the guarantee remains throughout the 25 year term.

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