Mike White Ltd have a wealth of experience, knowledge and disciplines in the field of restoration, and we have successfully managed and completed numerous restoration projects working on a diverse range of objects and metals including lead, iron and bronze.

Our well equipped workshops provide the facilities to work on all types of restoration projects from large and intricate metal objects to small bronzes, and from lead sculptures to life size statues.

Each of the statues here were carefully removed from a large estate in Dorset and taken to our workshops, where they were restored before being reinstated in their original location.

Spotlight on Exeter Cathedral

The crestings were added to the 100 foot high ridge of the Cathedral approximately 500 years ago – it is thought they were fitted to break up the wind vortex rushing up over the roof and sucking the panels off the other side. They were cast as single pieces and originally soldered to the ridge.

Over the years the roof lead has been replaced many times and the crestings refitted but not always to a good standard, and lately they had been breaking free and blowing off the roof.

The first two photos show the cresting that were all falling off and causing potential danger to the public 200 feet below.

To rectify this, we cast new lead “feet” for the crestings to fit into and rewelded them back onto the ridge. We also had to replace around 10% of the original cresting with new cast lead crestings that were made in our workshops.

A pair of scaffold structures had to be moved along the entire roof in stages to gain access to the entire cathedral roof. Access to the ridge on such a large and magnificent building was very complex and required extra training for the craftsmen.

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